Have you forgotten that the forest is your home,
that the deep still forest is waiting for you as a friend?
Leave the city’s worry, come to the forest again,
only then you can get whole again..
Have you forgotten that the forest is your friend?
The path of the ant under the sky,
the source, where little bright conversations grow up,
The joy, where you play with a rain, are they forgotten.
Do not you remember them?

About Bo Setterlind.

Bo Setterlind was born in Växjö in 1923 and died in 1991. The father was a civil engineer. He graduated from Västerås in 1944, and then studied at Uppsala University.

In 1978 he was awarded the Bellmans Prize.

Bo Setterlind became known as an eccentric romantic who lived the poetry role in the 40’s. According to Bo Setterlind, poems would be beautiful, not social. At the same time, he gladly sought his big audience and deciphered it at department stores and supermarkets.

His poetry has the naive immediacy of the ingenious incident, commutes between mysterious ecstasy and playful imagery. Religious subjects are gaining momentum in his later, formally increasingly traditional poetry.

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